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Stainless Steel Shafts
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Stainless Steel Shafts

Quick Details:

• Model Number: SF5-SF32-linear shaft
• Brand Name: Weifa-linear shaft
• Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
• Material: Stainless steel SUS304, SUS303
• Length: According to your request (L1000-2500mm is acceptable)
• Shaft Diameter: 5-32mm
• Surface hardness: Not hardened
• Chrome layer thickness: Not chromed
• Axis straightness: 0.15mm /1000mm
• Roughness: Ra 0.2μm~0.4μm
• Precision: g6/f7
• Packaging Details: Anti rust oil to be sprayed on rod surface and each rod to be packed in paper sleeve and then in wooden box
• Delivery Detail: 15 Days of linear shaft
• MOQ: 1 meter of sample is acceptable

Product Features:

The Stainless Steel shafts are fabricated using optimum quality stainless steel and latest machinery. The shafts undergo rigorous processes like pilling, straightening, grinding, polishing and finishing under the supervision of experienced engineers.
Different from Hard Chrome Plated Bars made by carbon steel, Stainless Steel shafts are made by Stainless Steel SUS304 or SUS303 with not hard chrome plated. Stainless Steel shafts have the excellent corrosion resistance performance as well as stainless steel. They are qualified under the condition of acidic, alkaline or high-temperature environment or cleaning and sanitation condition such as food processing machinery.

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ADD: No.98 Changjiang Road, National Hi-Tech District, 215010, Suzhou, P.R.C   Tel: 0086-512-68387269
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