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ADD: No.98 Changjiang Road, National Hi-Tech District, 215010, Suzhou, P.R.C
Tel: 0086-512-68387269
Fax: 0086-512-68387269
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Company Capability
Current Position:Company Capability

Established in the year 2009, we company owns modern and standard factory building, including three big workshop. Besides, we have a professional foreign trade team with the aim to export broad range of our products in the international market.

We adopt advanced production technology and first-class processing equipments, such as heat treatment furnace, straightening machine, centerless grinding machine, polishing machine, as well as lathing and milling machine etc.



High-frequency induction hardening guarantees the surface hardness and optimum strength of the material, which makes the shaft highly durable and resistant to abrasion. We can supply several conditions as follows:
1, Hard chrome plated (surface without heat treatment)
2, High-frequency induction hardened hard chrome plated
3,Quenched and Tempered
4,Induction hardened with Q&T

Centerless grinding
Our grinding lines work at high processing speeds with optimum efficiency. Depending on material and diameter requirements, surface qualities with roughness specifications up to Ra 0.2 µm can be obtained.

Surface treatment
By hard chrome plating, your components obtain a high resistance to corrosion and wear. This means high endurance over the entire life of the product. Usually, the thickness of hard chrome plating is 10μm ~ 15μm.Resistance in front salt spray (fog) test environment according to the ASTM B-117-97 could be 36 hours.
We can guarantee you mirror-like polished surfaces with our optimal finish grinding method - without material loss.

Backed ourselves with the talented personnel, we have emerged as one of the leading firms indulged in offering superior quality piston rods. The vital parameters of piston rod such as the diameter tolerance, straightness, surface hardness, chrome layer thickness, as well as surface roughness all meet the industry standards.

After rigorous inspection, the last important thing is safe packing. Anti-rust oil is to be sprayed on rod surface and each rod is to be packed in paper sleeve and then in wooden box.

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ADD: No.98 Changjiang Road, National Hi-Tech District, 215010, Suzhou, P.R.C   Tel: 0086-512-68387269
Fax: 0086-512-68387269   E-mail:   Backup E-mail:  Skype: linda_song_1986
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